Your impression of the quality and value of our services is very important to us. We respectfully ask for your assistance in evaluating the services we provided, as this will enable us to provide the best possible care to others who turn to us in their time of need.

"Jamie Vallejera exceeded my expectations in every wonderful way in this difficult time, the lasting impression is everything to me and she was so kind. Thank you for your courtesy and kindness! You have provided me with such quality of care that means a lot to me and the family at this time."

Ronald Ramsey

"This email is regarding your office administrator Jamie Vallejera. I was besides myself this morning as the funeral flowers I sent never showed up. The florist I used Ava's flowers kept telling me they had been delivered. I decided to call your home directly and it was my good fortune to speak with Jamie. She checked, said they weren't there but took my number to call me back if they showed up. They were suppose to be there by 8 a.m. when the short 2 hour service started. Well the florist was horrible and said they had been there since 8 a.m, needless to say a lie. However Jamie called me up here in Chicago at 9:30 a.m. And said they arrived and sent me a photo of them. She is truly a professional and perfect in her job. An employee to be proud of and I'm grateful for her handling this situation in a truly caring matter. Without her I would have been besides myself. As a business owner up here for 32 years, I realize the importance of having employees truly good at what they do, as they are a representation of not only our business but of ourselves personally as it's our name on the company.

Jamie is someone to cherish and perfectly suited for her job. I'm very grateful for her help and felt you should know about my experience."

Mary Ann Geinopolo

"Thank  you for helping our family through Grant's services. As his mom - I am forever grateful.'"

Amanda Rake

"You are a master at what you do. Rich's funeral was orchestrated beautifully. Your warmth was so alive. Every detail that you touched was perfect! I am forever grateful for the gift of your talents and love."

Nancy Larson

"We wanted you to know how much we appreciated the care and kindness you showed us. You helped us get through one of the worst days of our lives. The ceremony was beautiful with the arrangement of flowers, music and my moms presentation. All of the support you gave us will be long remembered."

Bill, Sherry and Brian Schroeder

"Larry's service was PERFECT and comforting and warmed the hearts of all who were there on that beautiful Saturday. I'm sure Larry was looking down and was saying 'WELL DONE'. 

We've heard so many comments from friends and family about what a wonderful and unique service it was and how you made it seem like you had known Larry forever. Our family will be forever grateful for the kindness and thoughtfulness you showered on us during a time when we were floundering. You helped us find our way during a very difficult time and we so appreciate your friendship and compassion."

The Rogler Family

"Last week a good friend passed away.The sudden loss was a shock to all her friends and family. Laura Holland provided us with so much support. She is dedicated, compassionate and professional. Thank you Laura, you are a great asset to Loyless Funeral Home."


"We attended a friend’s funeral and you made it bearable for us. The music that played throughout was beautiful we’ve been to many funerals including our parent’s some time ago and this was by far the most organized and peaceful for us. Thank you."


"The people at Loyless did an amazing job. They were considerate, kind and very well organized. They made my father in law look much better than he did in his last few weeks.
From the planning, to the wake, to the funeral mass, to the graveside service, they made sure everything went smoothly and cared for us like family. I would use them again without hesitation. Thank you to the Entire Staff at Loyless for all you do.


"Very helpful in all we needed and even though we were not in the right frame of mind, they made the process easy on top of things and a beautiful service thank you ever so much."


"Weird to say you love a funeral home, but Loyless did amazing for quite a few of my loved ones."


"We were very pleased with the service for my daughter. Everyone was helpful to our needs. Thank you!"

Jane Armand
November 26, 2018

"Anthony did a wonderful job at getting mom's service planned and complete in just three short days. Alissa also did an amazing job with getting the slide show together. Thank you both."

Lacy Maddox
November 17, 2018

"The Funeral Directors were very knowledgeable and helpful."

Mark Robinson
November 15, 2018

"You have handled the funeral services for both my parents and each service was Amazing. Your staff was so helpful in such a difficult time. Laura was wonderful!"

Jennifer Gibson
November 06, 2018

"Every single person in the Funeral Home were very attentive, polite and carefully listening to the wishes of the family. The entire family was satisfied with everything. Thank you all at Loyless Funeral Home for making arrangements easier."

Eulalia Charriez
October 29, 2018

"We had a caring and smooth experience. Thank you for making such a sad time bearable. We were very satisifed with the service we received."

Ann Demello
September 18, 2018

"I want to thank Laura for doing such a good job working with me and my family."

Sonya Baum
September 05, 2018

"Everyone on your staff was very knowledgeable, helpful, patience there to answer all my questions when needed. Thank you and your staff very much. God Bless"

Gussie Rucker, Tampa, FL
August 24, 2018

"Amazing! Loyless Funeral Home was the deciding factor in having a viewing for my Dad. He looked so good and was represented gracefully and beautifully."

Gina Atkins
August 24, 2018

"Thank you for all your help. Your help made everything much easier during such a hard time."

August 24, 2018

"I had made funeral arrangements for 3 friends at your facility. Your staff was amazing to me."

Cindy Green
August 20, 2018

"We had the unexpected loss of our son. We couldn't have made it through the week without the excellent staff at Loyless Funeral Home. Even with all we were amazed how many people stated how beautiful the service was. They helped us say goodbye in a dignified and caring way. Thank you!"

The Stepanski Family
July 11, 2018

"I have been meaning to write a note of thanks to Loyless and Laura Holland. I can not find the words to thank Laura enough for her professional expertise and kind guidance at the time of our loss. The service was exactly what my mother and my family wanted. Laura's personal touches were perfect. She made a difficult process so much easier. My mom is smiling from Heaven :) thank you!"

The Kumpf Family
July 09, 2018

"Thank you so much for caring for me during my hard time."

The Zaikin Family
July 06, 2018

"During our family's most difficult time, the Loyless staff showed the greatest amount of compassion and kindness. We especially would like to thank Laura Holland who was a gave us guidance in the difficult decisions and made us feel as if our loved one was her loved one. It has made the whole process just a little easier to bear."

The Perrette Family
June 19, 2018

"We appreciate the kindness of the staff in helping to ensure all the details of our son's funeral were handled with compassion. We are grateful to Bud Walsh and John Loyless for meeting with us to discuss and plan the arrangements. We are especially grateful to Laura Holland who helped guide us through this difficult time. She also arranged a DVD with photos that highlighted Tim's life that was viewed before the service. Dawn and Deacon Frank contributed, as well, in creating a most memorable services that captured our son's spirit. We are truly grateful to all for helping us navigate through this very difficult and heartbreaking time. The Sheridan Family."

Kathy & Jack Sheridan
May 17, 2018

"Cannot say enough how comfortable we were under the situation. Arrangements were handled in a very professional yet compassionate manner. Our family is very appreciative."

The Conlin Family
March 28, 2018

"This funeral home is a place that I would recommend hands down. Your facility met all of our needs in so short notice. Laura is an excellent director but even more a beautiful human being, filled with love and care."

The Perez Family
March 26, 2018

"Loyless funeral home was so great to work with. Bud and Laura were amazing. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, especially when unexpected, there’s a lot to do and everything happens so fast. It was important to us that everything was done perfect. They took the time and asked the right questions to be sure we had the best services we could for my mother. I highly recommend them to anyone. They didn’t make us feel like just another client, they were sincere and set the right expectations every step of the way. Laura sat down with us to hear about memories of my mom and understand what we wanted to celebrate her life. She included everyone dear to my mom in her service and did a lot to truly make it special. It felt like she knew my mom personally and did everything exactly as she would have wanted. She even let me put a rose in my mom’s hand which she took a pedal from, and pressed it for me. Something I will cherish forever. They did so much! I’m so thankful we found them and highly recommend."

Jessica Lisnock
March 17, 2018

"Your team was very helpful and supportive. All of the memorial services details, ie. flowers, ushering, transportation, etc. were covered so the family could focus on greeting and thanking guest attending the service."

The Bladon Family
March 13, 2018

"Bud Walsh was always there for me and my family."

The Caffey Family
March 13, 2018

"The Loyless team exceeded our expectations in every aspect of funeral planning. Thank you for "holding my hand" throughout the worst time in my life."

The Denisulk Family
March 12, 2018

"Made us feel very comfortable. We were having trouble dealing with our mom's death and they made a stressful time much easier."

The Demoranville Family
February 27, 2018

"Thank you very much for making a dreaded task of funeral arrangements into a simple and manageable situation by being caring and responsive."

The Aguirre Family
January 04, 2018

"Kind and thoughtful. Every staff person was so kind and took care of every detail perfectly so my family and I could just concentrate on celebrating Phil's life with as much love as he gave to all of us."

The Robinson Family
November 07, 2017

"Professional, compassionate The entire team was so helpful in our time of need. Laura Holland was exemplary in her knowledge, patience, guidance and genuine compassion. We are grateful."

The Campbell Family
November 07, 2017

"Thank you for your kindness and guidance."

The Fuller Family
November 06, 2017

"Everyone was respectful, compassionate and professional."

The Metzger
November 03, 2017

"The whole team was helpful and caring. You're now helping with my father's who died this week. Thank you."

The Hobbs Family
October 10, 2017

"You took care of a lot for me. Less I had to worry about. You are so considerate of my situation. Dawn and others explained everything."

The Cain Family
September 25, 2017

"The staff that assisted us were very kind and compassionate. They made a difficult time much easier to deal with."

The Kinsman Family
August 29, 2017

"I thank you for the caring staff that answered all of my questions in a caring way. I appreciate your staffs knowledge and taking my phone calls to assure me of things working out."

The Disque Family
August 14, 2017

"Having used the service for my father we had pre-paid for my mother. Everything was easy and exactly as she had planned."

The Previte Family
August 13, 2017

"Thank you for the compassion and care plus your willingness to make changes for our specific needs and desires. Your support at such a time was a blessing."

The Nelson Family
August 11, 2017

"The staff and owner were all very courteous and pleasant people."

Kirk Family
August 01, 2017

"The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable."

The Ritchie Family
July 10, 2017

"The service was very nice and the funeral director did a great job speaking."

July 06, 2017

"The funeral director was extremely nice and went out of his way to answer our questions and assist us. Thank you for making a sad and difficult time less stressful. Your caring and professional staff made everything run smoothly and beautifully."

Wear Family
June 29, 2017

"Everyone was great. Loyless has made arraignments for our father, mother and grandmother."

Greene Family
June 08, 2017

"My children and I were very satisfied with the funeral services for my husband, provided by Loyless Funeral Home. From the very first day we went to your office to make the arrangements we were pleased with the way we were met and were treated. Each person we came in contact with was very nice and accommodating and our needs and desires were met making the sad moment smooth and more bearable for us. We will surely recommend Loyless Funeral Home to others."

Cory Lauck
June 08, 2017

"Anthony, we cannot thank you enough for the kind and considerate way you guided us through a very stressful time. You allowed us to carry out our mother's wishes as she wanted. You made every aspect of the journey very helpful for my brother and me. Thank you again."

Sharon Johnson and Mike Myers

"The only thing that made the passing of our father bearable was the experience we had using your funeral home. We didn’t chose you because you were close to home. We chose you because of your reputation & 1st hand experience we had attending other funerals both here & elsewhere. It has been 8 years next month since we lost Dad. We still talk about how your funeral home made a celebration of Dad’s life & not just a mourning of his passing. The video at his wake/service flashed his life in photos before our eyes & we found ourselves actually smiling at an otherwise tearful time. You didn’t miss any attention to detail & every “i” was dotted & “t” crossed. We didn’t have to worry or even think about anything, as you handled everything. One thing that really touched our hearts & made an impact was that you provided copies of his death certificate to our mother who wasn’t in the frame of mind to think or make decisions. She was able to file for his life insurance easily without hassle thanks to your thoroughness & thoughtfulness. We hang his angel ornament on the Christmas tree & are grateful that you have a memorial (for those who passed) around Christmas time gifting the family with an ornament with their loved ones name on it. It is very special. Thinking back to the day of his funeral, I remember how smoothly everything was. I don’t remember having to do anything. You even gave all of his children, grandchildren, his widow, & even his living siblings, roses to lay on his coffin as a final goodbye. Somehow the rose just appeared in my hand as I was distraught & sobbing. Looking back I cherish the memory of the roses. We all do. Our family can’t thank you enough for everything you’ve done for us & the level of respect shown to our father. We highly recommend Loyless to everyone."


"Dawn went above and beyond in bringing a framed 8x10 picture of my dad she made and by reading some nice poetry she wrote at his service. She and all other staff I dealt with were very caring."

Hames Family
June 06, 2017

"Just thankful we made pre-paid arrangements. Everything is a hassle at the time of death."

June 02, 2017

"Just wanted to Thank You and your staff for a very warm and professional experience. You took a load off the family, allowing more time with out-of-town family. Everything you provided helped ease the process. Thank you"

Steven & Della Braverman
June 01, 2017

"Very caring for my family. Worked hard to meet every need for our service. Thankful to Mr. Loyless and Dawn, Ellen and the rest of the staff for all they did. Words can't express my true gratitude!"

The Huffstutler Family
May 23, 2017

"We were just in Metairie as we took Elizabeth May Jones back home to "Lakelawn" Thank you to all who helped us. Yarnell Dabney"

Elizabeth Jones Family
April 24, 2017

"Thank you for making a difficult time as easy as possible."

Richard Staklinski Family
April 24, 2017

"Very good experience during a very difficult time. Dawn was exceptional!"

Maryann Lark Family
April 24, 2017

"I was very satisfied with the caring compassionate service provided."

April 24, 2017

"The staff were helpful to me in saying my husband didn't have to wear a hospital gown so I had him dressed in his favorite shirt & shorts, underwear & socks; also I put things in his pockets only he and I would understand. This made me feel better and I know Doug got a kick out of it! God Bless and thank you so much. I.B."

Douglass Baker Family
April 24, 2017

"The service could not have been more beautiful. The entire staff went above and beyond what was expected. We had so many complements on the service."

The Stanley Family
March 27, 2017

"Thank you for all the excellent help you provided during a very difficult time. Beth"

The Hagman Family
March 27, 2017

"It was a very difficult time for me and they were very kind and helpful. They were patient and gave me ideas for the funeral. They were attentive to all my needs and when I needed time to mourn my dad. I would recommend to everyone I know. They did a great job."

Rivera Family
February 28, 2017

"Everyone we worked with was so nice. When we made changes they had no problem doing these changes for us."

Lilley Family
February 27, 2017

"The eulogy prepared and given by the staff was excellent."

Mr. Daniel Murphy
February 13, 2017

"Great staff and help during a difficult time."

The Wagstaff Family
February 13, 2017

"I just want to say how grateful we are of such a wonderful job you performed at my father's funeral. You have my finest respect and excellent commendation and referral for such an outstanding funeral director, Ms. Dawn Cox, such love and understanding shown from her to us."

Hago Family
February 12, 2017

"Laura made an unbearable event somewhat bearable."

Jennifer Nuss
February 10, 2017

"The Celebration of Life Service that the Loyless Funeral Home provided for my husband was a perfect tribute to his life. Mr. John Loyless has a very caring, compassionate staff, highly qualified in every necessary aspect of services. Laura Holland, funeral director, portrayed the impact of my husband's life with a beautiful final memory for our family and friends. We were blessed to have this funeral home guide us in the celebration. With heartfelt thanks, Bobbie Quilleon and Family."

Quilleon Family
February 07, 2017

"During this highly stressful time my family felt our needs were met with such grace and kindness. Thank you sincerely for taking care of us. Bud Walsh was a god-sent to our family."

Sara Lester
February 03, 2017

"Laura had a very challenging arrangement to make. She had to please 3 families and a host of friends and relatives. She was excellent. My son's services were memorable and beautiful."

Lisa McKitty
February 01, 2017

"On December 12th 2016 our lives were forever changed when my husband's beautiful daughter Taylor Aspen Perritt was in a fatal car accident. We were devastated and in another state not knowing where to begin. Loyless Funeral Home / Bud and Laura were amazing. They guided, comforted and showed true compassion for the entire family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making the service so beautiful on one of the hardest days of our lives."

Quincey and Lana Perritt
January 05, 2017

"Laura was truly wonderful! I can't possibly extend enough thanks for making our father's funeral so special, and for giving us memories we can cherish forever."

Tina Panganiban
January 05, 2017

"Dawn was super nice & very helpful."

The Servedio Family
December 20, 2016

"We cannot express our thanks and gratitude for the way everyone at Loyless interacted with us when our mother passed away at 103. When we say everyone, we mean everyone, starting with the gentlemen who took her from our home. They treated her with care and dignity. Ellen and Laura, who handled the administrative details did so in a sensitive manner that gave us a feeling of comfort. John Loyless went out of his way to insure us that they would care for our mother in a way that was reassuring to us. When someone lives as long as our mother did, you think you are prepared for the eventful day, but you never truly are. Everyone at Loyless understood our needs and made everything easier. We are so grateful."

Doug & Michele Hartnagel
October 21, 2016

"I am forever grateful to Loyless Funeral Home for their excellent support and complete planning of my sister, Rosalie's cremation. Her mass and interment were held in Delmont, PA and Loyless took care of all of it. I appreciate all of Laura's and Ellen's hard work!"

Ellen Panebianco
September 20, 2016

"On behalf of the Drobes family, I just wanted to express our appreciation for the thoughtful and compassionate way you handled the entire process. It made an unpleasant experience more bearable, and will be well remembered in a positive manner."

Ron Drobes
April 12, 2016

"My father became ill with Cancer at the young age of 69. Once he was diagnosed he was with us for a little over a month. He left the hospital and went home in Hospice care. Everything happened as a shock and so quickly that we never got to discuss plans with my dad. I received a call from the Hospice nurse that my dad was declining on a Tuesday. We knew it was a matter of hours or at most a day or two. I started calling around as I only knew one of my father's wishes and that was to be cremated. I called around to funeral homes during business hours just wanting someone to answer me as who can take my father into their care as I knew it was going to happen very soon. All of the "big guys" or corporate business funeral industry could not answer me and everyone was too busy for my needs. They all had to call me back that next day or in a few days. At this time of sadness and knowing the time was hours away, only one funeral home could provide me with an answer, and it was the family business of Loyless Funeral home. They were compassionate and explained I could call them at anytime if my daddy died during the night at home and they would take him into their care. My daddy died the next morning at home and Loyless picked him up as soon as we were ready. The two gentleman that picked him up were amazing, they even cut some of my dads hair for me. Then, we went to the planning center on Bruce B Downs where we met Mr. Loyless and Ellen. Mr. Loyless was amazing with his advise on checking out military cemeteries and private to see what is best for the family and my father's wishes. There was not a high pressure approach and I never felt like it was about money. In fact, Mr. Loyless never rushed us even though he had to go to a doctors appointment after meeting with us. Ellen in his office is amazing with the obituary and helping us every step of the way. Yesterday, I picked up my daddy's urn and Ellen walked me to the car with the urn and added a special touch to even seat belt my daddy in incase I would have to slam on brakes. I cannot say enough about every employee we met at Loyless Funeral Home."

Amy Burnside - Wesley Chapel
April 06, 2016

"Our funeral director was simply wonderful. She was compassionate, patient and always there like an invisible hand to make sure service went smooth and without problems. The funeral staff was very courteous and helpful and the facility was nice, clean and fully met our needs. The ceremony was simply beautiful, exactly as I wanted it; the table was beautifully decorated and guests were made comfortable. I highly recommend Loyless Funeral Home, they exceeded my expectations."

Alexandra Williamson, Wesley Chapel, FL

"The funeral Directors were excellent in their compassion and professionalism. Could not have been more pleased in working with them. The staff was excellent in every area. Warm and professional. The funeral facilities are wonderful, clean, appealing with modern amenities. Loyless Funeral Home provided excellent assistance for my mother's service and the burial."

Elbert Nasworthy, Jr., Wesley Chapel, FL (Pastor, Myrtle Lake Baptist Church, Land O' Lakes, FL)

"We have been very fortunate to have Loyless Funeral Home in our neighborhood. Over the years we have used them numerous times, and each time the heartbreaking planning has been taken care of by the outstanding staff at Loyless with perfection to details. Ms. Clark, along with the other staff members are truly caring and compassionate about what they do. Making sure every small detail is taken care of in the most respectful way, not only for the deceased but for their families as well. Thank you Loyless Funeral Home for your dedication."

Y. White, Land O’ Lakes

"Our funeral director was amazing. She was so helpful with every detail. Very informative, caring to our loss and helpful in making our decisions. We were impressed with how caring and helpful the entire staff was to any need we had. With this unexpected death, we didn't know where to begin and the staff was wonderful and caring. The facility was very nice and peaceful. Amazing how everything is set up so personable. The ceremony was perfect. Our funeral director addressed all aspects and special needs so smoothly. We loved the Loyless Funeral Home website and told all our family and friends all over the country about it. They all have raved how wonderful it is."

Joe Iamkraiamorn, Land O' Lakes, FL

"Mr. Loyless is an outstanding, caring and compassionate individual who operates a business with ethical standards and professional excellence. The staff is outstanding and professional in every facet of their job and a pleasure to work with. Loyless Funeral Home provided quality service at every level and has modern and clean facilities. I could not have chosen a better company to handle this matter. 100% approval rating and strongly recommended. The ceremony met all expectations and more. The Air Force Honor Guard was a beautiful final touch."

Richard Ortiz, Jr., Lutz, FL

"Everything from the first phone call to when we left at the end was perfect. The staff was like our family and did everything possible for us at a time where we couldn't even think for ourselves. The funeral home was perfect in every way. There were so many people at the ceremony and so much love we will never forget that ever."

Cynthia Delgado, Minooka, IL

"The funeral directors are compassionate, detailed, considerate, intelligent, helpful, professionally dressed and timely. The staff is trained well and works together. The funeral home is well kept with nice decor. The ceremony was tailored to meet our needs. Loyless Funeral Home provided a positive experience during a sad and difficult time."

Richard and Nancy Larson, Tampa, FL

"Everything was done in a professional and excellent manner. Many expressed how beautiful everything was! Thank you for such superior service."

Gary Smilee, Lutz, FL

"We contacted Loyless Funeral Home in advance of my mother's passing to arrange to have her prepared and sent to Virginia for her final service. Our decision to use Loyless Funeral Home was based on our observance of their performance during the services for my friend and later, for his mother. The guidance and support we received from the funeral directors and staff was outstanding and made us feel that we were not alone and that someone was on our side and helping us to get through this difficult time. My wife and I have decided that, when the time comes, we would like our own arrangements to be entrusted to Loyless Funeral Home."

Edward Jackson, Land O' Lakes, FL

"We were very please by the service of Loyless and prices were much more reasonable than other funeral homes in the area. Most of my mother's services were handled by an Indiana FH, but they, too, remarked how wonderful the staff at Loyless were to work with."

Kelly Greer

"On behalf of my family and myself- I would like to thank Loyless Funeral Home for the wonderful support, care and guidance in making final arrangements for my mother and throughout the entire process. Thank you to the entire Loyless staff/family."

Michelle Chan, Tampa

"The funeral director (Anthony) made the arrangements so easy. He understood our needs and requests and went out of his way to accommodate us. The office staff was helpful every time we contacted them."

Kathy Sopcik

"The entire staff of Loyless Funeral Home were very professional and compassionate to our family's needs."

The Lowe Family