Neftali Candelario-Velez

Neftali Candelario-Velez, affectionately known as Tali, age 90, from Ponce, Puerto Rico, Brooklyn New York, and Tampa Florida passed away on 23 August 2021 in Brandon Florida.  Tali was a Korean War veteran who served in Korea from February 1953 to December 1954 with the 2nd Infantry Battalion, CO "B" 44th Engineering (Combat) and was honorably discharged from the US Army on 31 January 1961. He is survived by his spouse Miriam Velez, his sons Guillermo Candelario, Jose-Luis Candelario, and Jose-Miguel Candelario his daughters Marta Morales, Ana Huertas, and Maritza Nieves, along with 14 grandchildren, and 11 great-grandchildren.  In lieu of flowers please donate to Homes for our Troops or Wounded Warriors. A few memorial tribute videos can be found on his Facebook Page Neftali Candelario Family.;!!OH7Jjwzyk1GPUgacbQ!TCaXC4mWuSFoHiZjzYMKLHZaJvDZw7EPIyhVAL32hYovE5kUIqtqae7FnMtqUSp1y3MGw$IsAJ96n3VJvlItzq_1zS6EFal-9NlswYoBQHp12oPMMRRRonvxsgDJeD27NRwaAiY2EALw_wcB;!!OH7Jjwzyk1GPUgacbQ!-TCaXC4mWuSFoHiZjzYMKLHZaJvDZw7EPIyhVAL32hYovE5kUIqtqae7FnMtqUQrqRjyEQ$

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