Mayra L Navarrete-Gutierrez

On the tragic day of January 25th, my world turned upside when I got into a car accident that resulted in my mother passing away. Mayra Navarrete-Gutierrez was born on July 14, 1967, in Honduras to parents, Mariana Gutierrez and Juan Navarrete, and had 4 other siblings.

Mayra had 3 children to who she dedicated her world, Nydia E Hernández, Diana C Hernández, and Patrick Aguilar Jr.

She was a very proud amazing grandmother to 3 girls. Her children and grandchildren gave her significance to life. She loved to be with family and, she loved to have her house looking beautiful at all times.

Mayra worked at Chiles Elementary, and everyone loved her. She was a very dedicated hard-working woman. She loved what she did. She touched so many lives with the beautiful attributes she had. She was always there for us and will be missed by many but never forgotten. Her body is not here with us, but her soul will always be with us forever.